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Lake Area Emergency Service Association (LAESA)

The Lake Area Emergency Service Association (LAESA) is a local association made up of fire districts and departments, emergency medical services agencies, law enforcement agencies and emergency management. 

A partial list of members of the association include: 

LAESA meets bi monthly at different locations around the lake area to discuss a variety of issues like operational issues, training and code enforcement.

Lake of the Ozarks

How LAESA Benefits the Lake of the Ozarks Area

There are a number of things that the association has done to benefit the area.  One of the things that the association has done is create a resource list for the area.  This list allows departments to see what the other agencies have so if the need arises, they know who they can contact for certain resources.  The association continues to work on other operational issues that affect the local agencies.

Over the past few years, the association has developed a training academy that puts on a annual Firefighter 1 & 2 class.  These classes are provided at a reduced cost to members of the association.  The training academy also tries to bring in different classes to the area.  In the past Chief Rick Lasky was brought in to teach his Pride and Ownership Class along with other classes like an Officer 1 class and a Driver Operator class.

The association members who have code enforcement officers meet monthly to discuss current code issues.  The code officers have worked together to use the same codes around the area to make it easier for the local builders.  The code officers have also worked with both local and state inspectors to help with public safety. 

We would like to invite you to one of our upcoming meetings to see what the association can do to help your agency. 

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